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 Art Supplies and More on Salt Spring Island.

 We aim for an inspired artful life, from the garden to the studio and gallery. We believe there is a place for art in everyone's heart and home.....from those who have yet to find their release and expression, to those who do it with ease. Allow us to help you make your mark.

Art Supplies

We love these inks

This months creative pick

Cornaline d'Egypte" (Carnelian of Egypt) Ink

The ancient Egyptians considered carnelian to be one of the most calming and healing semi-precious gemstones. It was believed to elevate the mood, eliminate stress and was used as a symbol of life.

This newest ink in the 1798 collection contains rich, orange/red pigments that have made the carnelian so beloved for thousands of years.

The addition of shimmering silver pigments gives this ink an elegant and refined depth and luster.

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Jacquard Procion MX

Procion MX dyes are “cold water dyes” that do not require heat. This unique property sets Procion MX apart from all other dyes and establishes them as the undisputed king of backyard dyeing, batik and tie dye.

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